Shiv Mohan Band was founded in 1963 with the collaboration of the two brothers first one Shiv Kumar and second other Mohan Lal, this is because of the name of company was decided on the first name of both the brothers Shiv was taken from (Shiv Kumar) and Mohan was taken from (Mohan Lal) so company name became SHIV MOHAN BAND. Now there is only one person Mr. Shiv Kumar who is looking after Shiv Mohan Band because his brother Mr. Mohan Lal has passed away.
Shiv Mohan Band has gotten well trained and highly experienced artists.
Shiv Kumar is founder and owner of "Original Shiv Mohan Band" since 1963.Company head office is situated in Karol Bagh New Delhi, and they don't have branch office in Delhi and any part of India.

Original Shiv Mohan Band" is only in Karol Bagh.